Demonstration for better life together and against racism in Saxony

Unterstützt die Demo der Non-Citizens. Morgen, MoG4QRvurY_400x400ntag, den 09.03.2015, um 17:00Uhr am Bahnhof Mitte.

Seid laut, kommt zahlreich und zeigt eure Solidarität!

On Monday 1 March around 300 PEGIDA supporters in Dresden tried to attack the refugee camp at Theaterplatz. It is getting clearer that supporters of PEGIDA are not just concerned citizens but militant racists who are ready to take actions against “others”, especially migrants.

On Friday 6 March around 1500 racists and neonazis participated in FRIGIDA demonstration in Freital. They were protesting against openning of the new refugee house. Several hundred people were trying to break the police lines and attack the house. After failure they were threatening to come back and burn down the whole house with people inside.

With this racist atmoshpere coming from the conservative right the Bild newspaper started campaign to pressure the organizers of refugee struggle in Dresden. Publishing information of individuals who participated in the protest camp at Theaterplatz already provoked death threats on social networks to those people.

We find it unacceptable that people raising their voice against racism and discrimination in society are threatened with violence. We believe that PEGIDA should be stopped right here right now without any compromises.

That’s why we will have a demonstration this Monday from Bahnhof Mitte at 17:00 to Theaterplatz.
We are calling everyone who doesn’t want to tolerate racism and right wing agression in the society to join us on the streets.

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